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 The G series are glossy glass colors that are in a powder formula that is mixed with our Glass Color Medium.  By mixing with the medium it will ensure an opaque glossy finish.  Mix to a white glue or heavy cream consistency for opaque coverage. Two colors can be mixed together to achieve another color.

The 39 of the colors are lead-free (non-toxic) and are available in 25 gram jars

They DO NOT have to be capped to have a glossy finish.

When the colors are thinned they can be brushed, sponged, sprayed/airbrushed, stippled or applied with a airpen, writer bottle or gizmo or used with a stencil.  When thinned with GM300 Glass Medium you retain the color.  When thinned with water you dilute the color.

When painting with the colors it is recommended to use a drop & fill, pool and puddle method with a liner brush or small round and then push and pull into areas.

A two-color blend of colors is done by butting two colors next to each other and then pulling one color through the other, back and forth.

Marbleizing can be done by taking 1-3 colors and placing dots of each color in an area until it is filled and then on the top surface creating a figure 8 or  s with the brush to variegate the colors through each other.

Keep the colors mixed up as the color tends to settle to the bottom.

The colors can be used dry.  Example; Sifted/Sprinkled over the glass for different techniques.

Can be silk screened.

Firing is   from 1376º to 1550º 


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