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Fusion YEG Team

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Kimberly Smith  Owner

Kimberly Smith is mom to 5  adult children and 2 cats. She has been creating and exploring art for more than 40 years and has found her true love in fused art glass.

Kimberly's personal art is derived from the natural world around the Alberta rocky mountains. She loves sharing her belief that anyone can find their creative voice with encouragement and support!


Breanne Kidd

Breanne is the proud Mom of three elementary aged children and a new poodle puppy. Previously Breanne was in the classroom teaching full time but has found her happy place teaching fused glass art to students of all ages in the classroom and beyond.

Camping, and day tripping are two of her favorite pastimes when she’s not teaching art, and her belief in being a lifelong learner keep her looking for more ways to be creative and sharing her love of art with others.

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Andrea Kordyban

Andrea Kordyban is a freelance artist skilled in many forms of artistic expression, specializing in wood burning and traditional painting techniques.


Between slinging paint onto canvas and developing her new found love for kiln fired glass art, she doubles as a professional face and body painter for an entertainment company she helped co-found and grow.

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Tiffany Rybak

Tiffany has always loved working with children. With a background in early childhood, she now works as a private aide to children with disabilities.


Tiffany has an adventurous spirit and loves a good roadtrip exploring new places! Tiffany enjoys getting out in nature, crafting and a good book.

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