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Workshops in Fused Art Glass
Held at your home 
Held at VASA
Art Gallery & Studio
25 Sir Winston Churchill Ave, St. Albert


Pet Portrait (Instagram Post (Square)).png

You will work from your own photo of your fur baby to create this delightful rendition in fused glass.

This workshop is held over 2 evenings with lots of hands on suggestions and support from our glass artist instructor!




Pet Portrait

Affirmation Story Beads (Facebook Post).png

Affirmation Beads

Create your own set of affirmation beads to use as a meditation string or attach individually to remind you of your goals for the year!

Each bead celebrates your personal goal or affirmation! 



Jewelry (1).png

Fused Glass Pendants

Working with a vast selection of glass, you will create 4 or 5 unique pendants. Complete with your choice of attachments and cords.


Vintage Ornaments

You will create 3 vintage ornaments of your choice. The possibilities are endless creating on this mid century design.



Holiday Ornaments

Each person will create 4 or 5 ornaments, choosing from our collection of designs!



Fractured Trees

Each person will create 3 or 4 fractured trees using a huge variety of glass options.



Zen Doodle 

This relaxing workshop allows you to explore color and form in fused glass. You will create 2 plates using a variety of glass.






instagram of Zen Doodle (Facebook Post) .png

Holiday Gnomes

Create your own whimsical Gnome designing with a variety of colors and shapes!



Winter Scene

Design your own scene celebrating winter!



Autumn Scene

Capture the colors of the season on this free standing Autumn scene.



Fractured Plates

Build the illusion of stained glass on a set of plates. Use holiday colors or your own decor colors.



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