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Easy Fire Enamels

With a wide variety of colors from reds, yellows, blues, and everything in between, these    high-temperature enamels make glass painting a pleasure.  Not only are they able to withstand high temperatures of heat up to 1650F, but they also require no ventilation or special firing schedules. Just add your enamel designs to any base glass and pop them in the kiln. These fine grind enamels come in the form of fine powder and can be brushed, silkscreen printed, stippled or airbrushed onto a base glass, 90, 96 or window glass to cater to your personal needs.


In addition, just 25 grams of these enamels will cover about 3.7 square feet of glass, making them extremely efficient as well as affordable. With our new collection of vibrant colored easy fire enamels, there’s no reason why your glass art can’t be exactly the way you want it.

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